How to Care for Everlasting Roses


Everlasting Roses are sometimes referred to as preserved roses. They are actually 100% real flowers and they last forever. They look like a real juicy rose, feel like one, and smell like one too, simply because they are real. They are not to be mistaken for dried flowers. These Everlasting Roses are specially treated to last forever. 

Caring for them is much easier than caring for fresh flowers. You do not have to put them in water, and they will not wilt. Here is a quick yet comprehensive guide on how to make the best use of your amazing Valentine’s gift. 

  • Keep them indoors all the time! Everlasting roses may get damaged when exposed to harsh sunlight, just like fresh flowers.
  • Keep them in a cool and dry place. Air-conditioning is not required, unlike fresh flowers.
  • Avoid tampering. Just like fresh roses, the petals of Everlasting Roses are delicate. Do not tamper with them too much. If you ever need to clean them, just blow the dust away or gently trickle dirt away.