Condolence Wreaths and Condolence Flowers

Send Condolence Wreaths in Singapore – Give Love And Sympathy At A Sad Time

Naturally, the wishes of the family of the deceased are paramount in Singapore. For instance, it is appropriate to send flowers to the funeral, and family members must take them home after the funeral or donate to a charity the deceased would have wished them to go to.

However, culture dictates that it is wise not to bring flowers, plants or donations with you when going to the funeral. Everything that you wish to offer should be sent in advance.

Expressing your sympathy in the form of condolence wreaths is important. As is the case with giving flowers for other occasions, it is good to know what certain flowers represent, so you don’t send something that is inappropriate.

Singapore Condolence wreaths are the most common way to express your sympathy and the flowers that make up the wreath should be noted.

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Wreaths with specific meaning

Singapore condolence wreaths all mean the same thing but if you want to get specific, there are wreaths that are called heartfelt condolences, peace and love, words of comfort, peace and tranquillity, devoted comfort, heavenly terrace, remain forever in our hearts, tranquil rest, calm rest, eternal memory, rest in peace, eternal respect, everlasting harmony, final farewell, deepest thoughts, purity and love, gentle solace, eternal support, a remarkable life, last farewell, eternal star, comforting night, pray and respect, road to forever, and journey to heaven.

It is at times like these that family and loved ones of the deceased need all the support that can possibly be given, and nothing says it more lovingly than a condolence wreath.

It shows that you have taken the time and trouble to be with them in solidarity through flowers, and nothing could be more important. Words are often meaningless or clichéd and the beauty of a flower arrangement speaks more volumes than words could ever convey.

Sympathy flowers

Words often fail people at sad times such as funerals. People rarely know what to say and the mumbled “my condolences” rarely move the heart. Sympathy flowers from a florist who knows what funerals mean to those left behind, make a heartfelt statement.

It is most important especially when you are unable to attend a funeral ceremony or wake, so the family can feel that you are with them anyway through your words of love and compassion.

Florists use popular and traditional flowers for Singapore condolence wreaths and they generally mean purity and everlasting life, along with other sentiments. Lilies, orchids, carnations, roses, violets and forget-me-nots are high-quality blooms that are sourced from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. These can be placed in a special vase arrangement or condolence wreath Singapore to include the deceased’s favourite flowers and colours.

Even after the funeral service, it is appropriate to send to send funeral flowers and condolence wreaths, especially if you have been away and learned of the passing too late to attend the funeral. The deceased’s family members will be most appreciative of the of the thoughts and wishes that come with the wreath, and it will be a tremendous source of comfort.

A common practice after the funeral is to send sympathy flowers in table arrangements. You can also consign recovery baskets and fruit baskets to symbolise encouragement, support and strength for those that are grieving.

Wellness baskets and pampering bundles encourage rest, recovery and revitalisation for people who are in mourning or just simply need some sympathetic words to help them recover after the period of grieving.

Special words of encouragement

Some special words of encouragement to accompany the Singapore wreaths could be – “forever in our thoughts”, “gone but not forgotten”, “our memories build special bridges to you, with our love”, “thinking of you always”, “we shall miss you dearly, with much love and affection”, “a light has gone out of our lives, but such happy memories remain”, “wishing you peace and comfort”, You will be sorely missed”.

It may seem strange that you must suggest to people what to write on their Singapore condolence wreath cards, but many people don’t know what to say at times like these. It could also be appropriate to just send flowers with the words “special prayers for you at this time. Much love”, or even just “much love”. That, together with the beautiful flowers will convey your message perfectly.

It is also important to remember the beliefs of the deceased and those of his family, and not to write anything that is inappropriate as this will have a completely negative effect. You don’t have to compromise your own beliefs or views, but this would not be the best time to promote or share them when you are well aware they do not conform to those of the family.

It is completely up to you what you write on your message card. The best and controversy-free way is then to keep it to: “With much love and wishing you strength”. That, together with the condolence wreath, is all that is needed to convey your sympathy.

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